Instruments For Hire

Viva Violins can rent out any student instrument in any size. 

» Violins for hire

» Violas for hire

» Cellos for hire


When to hire an instrument?

See the check list below to see if hiring is for you.

•  I am not sure my child will continue with this instrument for a long time. I don’t want to pay a large sum of money at once, I would rather have small monthly payments at the beginning.

•  My child is growing rapidly, I need to be able to change their instrument quickly at no extra charge

•  Until they reach a full size instrument I don’t need to own one.

•  I would like to have the support of a professional on hand should anything go wrong with the instrument.

•  I want a good quality violin but can’t afford to buy the one I really want.

Did you answer YES to most of the above?  You need to talk to Rebecca at Viva Violins for more information, hiring is for you!