Terms and conditions of hire

An instrument may be rented for as long as the customer wishes with a minimum hire period of 3 months.  The first payment must be made by cheque or cash on collection.  Thereafter the customer must set up a standing order with their bank for the remaining payments.  Please use your surname as a reference.  If the standing order has not been set in action 3 months after the violin is taken home Viva Violins will request return of the instrument and will start proceedings to recover the unpaid rental.

A rental instrument may be exchanged at any time with another of a larger size.  This may incur a slight increase in the monthly charge depending on the size required.  Please be aware that it is the customer’s responsibility to alter their standing order with the bank.  

The customer must provide insurance for the instrument during the hire period.  This is not expensive and Viva Violins can offer advice on insurer.  

General wear and tear is expected but repairs required due to misuse of an instrument or accidental damage will be paid for by the customer.  Any repairs which become necessary must be carried out by Viva Violins otherwise the terms of the rental contract will have been breached and the customer will be liable to buy the instrument at full retail price.   

The outfit hired will remain the property of Viva Violins unless the customer decides to buy it after a period of rental.   In this case a discount will be offered on the list price.  The longer the rental period, the bigger the discount.  Viva Violins offers a trade in discount for any ex-rental instrument when another instrument from the Viva range is purchased.

Instruments must be safely stored away from direct heat sources (e.g. near radiators on in hot conservatories).  The use of a white microfibre cloth for cleaning is strongly recommended, these can be purchased from Viva.