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Viva Violins

Violin Making and Restoration

Viva Violins takes care of all your stringed instrument needs, from creating a beautiful handmade instrument to supplying a set of strings.

Rebecca Houghton

Viva Violins is run by Rebecca Houghton a professional Violin Maker and Restorer and graduate of the Newark School of Violin Making.

Our passion
Our passion is to provide high quality instruments and expertise to all players from beginners to professional musicians.

New and antique instruments for sale
Whether you are a student or a professional we can find the perfect instrument for you. If you are looking for a brand new instrument or something a little older we can help you find the right one. Talk to Viva Violins to discuss your needs in detail. » See our instruments for sale

Not yet ready to buy? Hire instead!
Find out if hiring is for you with our handy check list – and see the great range of instruments we have available for you to hire! » View instruments for hire

Restoration is an important part of our business. You need someone you can trust to repair your precious instrument so all work is carried out by a qualified professional. » Find out more about our restoration services

Expert chinrest and shoulder rest fitting
Viva Violins now offers professional advice on your chinrest and shoulder rest set up. There are now bespoke chinrests available which can be customised to fit your shape exactly. With Alexander Technique and the correct rests, the player can regain freedom of movement and fluidity of sound. Never play in pain again! Please contact Viva Violins for more information. Fittings are charged by the hour.

Children’s chinrests and shoulder rests also fitted with a maximum fitting charge of £15.

The Repair Shop

Available Online

The Essential Handbook
Rebecca’s new book ‘The Essential Handbook for Violinists, Violist and Fiddle Players” is now available to purchase. » Buying options

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