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Repairs and restoration are an important part of Viva Violins. There are few problems which cannot be repaired.

Viva Violins – for a professional set-up
A professional set up is essential for any stringed instrument. It cannot be stressed enough that your bridge, soundpost and tailpiece should be fitted by an expert in order to get the best out of your violin, viola or cello.

Free instrument MOT
Ask for a free instrument MOT and to keep your instrument in top condition don’t forget to book a yearly service.

A new soundpost, bridge and set of strings will make your instrument sing again.

Repairs commonly undertaken include:

  • Replacing pegs
  • Resurfacing the fingerboard
  • Fixing cracks
  • Varnish retouching
  • Peghole bushings
  • Edge and corner replacement
  • Neck reshaping

Bow re-hairing
Rebecca was taught to re-hair bows by Malcolm Taylor, a bow maker who trained and worked at Hills in London. Small repairs such as leather bands and lapping also available. Contact Viva Violins for more information.

Violin bow re-hair – £58
Viola bow re-hair– £60
Cello bow re-hair– £65
Double bass bow re-hair– £75
Baroque bow re-hair– £55

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