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Restoration and repairs are an important part of the work carried out at Viva Violins, there are few instruments which cannot be restored whatever the problem or breakage.

One of our specialities is breathing new life into instruments that have become unplayable for varying reasons and we are committed to carrying out restoration within ethical guidelines. This entails preserving the integrity of the instrument, keeping as much original wood as possible and following the makers intentions and style when fitting new wood.

It is important that any restoration is reversible so only the best materials are used and great care taken with varnish retouching to ensure the restoration is as invisible as possible.

Viva Violins – for a professional set-up
A professional set up is essential for any stringed instrument. It cannot be stressed enough that your bridge, soundpost and tailpiece should be fitted by an expert in order to get the best out of your violin, viola or cello.

Once any restoration has been completed it is important to make sure the set up (which is the soundpost, bridge, tailpiece, pegs etc.) is top quality to ensure that your instrument is in optimal playing condition. Having the correct string heights for example is essential to playing comfort and to the sound and projection of your instrument so great care is taken to ensure both this and all other aspects of your set-up is perfect.

You can find out more information about the set-up of violins and violas in my book “The Essential Handbook for violinists, violists and fiddle players”.

Free MOT
At Viva Violins we offer a free MOT which will pick up any issues with your existing set up which can then be rectified. It is recommended that you have a full annual service to keep your instrument in the best playing condition.

Repairs commonly undertaken include:

  • Replacing pegs
  • Resurfacing the fingerboard
  • Fixing cracks
  • Varnish retouching
  • Peghole bushings
  • Edge and corner replacement
  • Neck reshaping

Examples of work during a restoration project

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