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It’s amazing the difference upgrading your bow can make to the sound of your instrument. At Viva Violins we can assist you in choosing the best bow for the sort of music and instrument you play.

We sell bows for all instruments from 1/32 size violin to double bass. We can also source baroque bows and high end quality bows from many makers within the UK. If you would like a bow trial it can be done by post or in person in the workshop so contact us to find out more.

Bow re-hairing
Rebecca was taught to re-hair bows by Malcolm Taylor who trained and worked at Hills in London. She has since had further training in restoration and repairs with Tim Baker and Jutta Walcher.

When does a bow need re-hairing?

  • When you have lost around 5% of the hair or it has become very dirty.
  • When the existing hair has stretched so much the bow will no longer tighten.
  • When your bow just feels off or doesn’t quite perform how it used to.

A bow re-hair includes cleaning, cutting new wedges for the tip and frog mortises and choosing the best quality hair. The hair usually comes from Mongolian stallions and is washed and processed using traditional methods to ensure only the best hairs make it into your new bow hank.

Posting your bow

We offer a postal service for bow re-hairs, here’s what we suggest for sending and packaging your bow to avoid damage:

Use a sturdy plastic tube with screw ends. We have these specialist bow tubes available for purchase if you would like one. Contact us for more information.

Wrap your bow(s) in plenty of bubble wrap and make sure the ends of the tube have bubble wrap in them to cushion the bow against the ends of the tube.

Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address inside the tube.

Safely secure the ends of the tube with strong tape. Affix address labels including your senders address firmly to the outside.

Post via the Royal Mail Special Delivery service. A bow tube should go as a small/medium parcel. (If your Post Office tells you that the tube doesn’t qualify for Special Delivery make sure they check the clause about sending cylindrical parcels).

Make sure you have adequate insurance for the delivery.

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