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The Essential Handbook

Published in 2017, Rebecca Houghton’s book ‘The Essential Handbook’ is now available to order both from this page and through The Strad Shop. You can also purchase it worldwide through Amazon in your own country.

The Essential Handbook for violinists, violists and fiddle players
by Rebecca Houghton

‘The Essential Handbook’ – now a global seller.
The complete guide to the violin/viola for players of all standards, teachers and parents. You will find gems of information in it that you will only learn from a luthier (violin maker/restorer). A great present for the musician in your life.

Dimensions: 30cm x 21cm
Pages: 112

£20 + *£4.95 p&p
*NOTE: this price is UK orders ONLY – for orders outside of the UK please contact us for postage rates.

Alternatively you can purchase this book from the following online shops:

Amazon The Strad Shop

Here’s what The Strad has to say…

‘Violin maker and restorer Rebecca Houghton wrote this book as a gift to players, teachers and parents who need essential advice on caring for their instrument. Packed with facts and information, it de-mystifies everything from changing strings and choosing a chin rest to dealing with slipping pegs and one-off emergency scenarios.

Houghton’s book couples close-up photography with a practical guide that helps to improve life as a musician.

Containing information on correct string heights, neck lengths of fractional-size instruments, the Alexander technique and shoulder rests, the book is just £20 to keep it within the budget of young players and students. This will be a perfect gift for string players everywhere.’

“This book is written in a readable style and contains a wealth of good advice, interesting facts and useful information. It provides answers to things that as a teacher and player myself I probably ought to have known but didn’t: why are some rosins dark and some amber in colour? Why should you wrap your violin in a silk scarf? Why are most violin and viola bows haired with white rather than black hair? I found it to be a fascinating read and would recommend it to all who teach and play the violin or the viola, as well as to parents of young players.”

Celia Cobb, The Strad, September 2018

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